Mother’s Day!

Posted on February 19, 2016

Here at Lottie Shaw’s Mothers Day, or Mothering Sunday as it is really known, is a very special time. As a family firm of more than a hundred years baking in Yorkshire, our secret recipes were often handed down the generations from mother to daughter, taught during hours spent in the kitchen baking together from recipe books handwritten by those who had tried and tested them down the years… still the source of many of Lottie Shaw’s exceedingly good cakes and biscuits today. Whether it was baking the perfect Yorkshire Puddings or baking cakes, like all good recipe books they even still bear the signs of hand mixing all those ingredients together with love, recipes open on the kitchen table, to make sure everything tastes just right. 

In fact baking was always very much a part of Mothering Sunday as cakes, particularly simnel cakes, were  traditionally taken home for Mother by those in service who were given the day off to visit  family during Lent as a treat to for those who had given up anything so sweet and luxurious in the run up to Easter. 

It is often bemoaned that Mothers Day is just a commercial American invention. Not so. And even then the origin in the States when it is celebrated in May arose from a true act of love by a woman who had lost her own mother.

It was also a special day for the Greeks and Romans when around Springtime they would celebrate the Mother Gods. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it became a widespread tradition in this country to return to the church where you were baptised, or the Mother Church, bringing flowers and baking in celebration though it’s true it had almost died out until the idea of a special day to celebrate mothers was introduced by the President of America Woodrow Wilson as law, no less, in 1914, after he heard that a woman called Anna Jarvis had dedicated a church service in honour of her own late mother and the idea had spread throughout the States. 

Unsurprisingly after so many young men left home to fight in the first World War the idea of celebrating happy days spent with mother quickly gained appeal again in this country too to become the celebration it is today. 

At Lottie Shaw’s we still use the same recipes handed down the generations to produce our award winning baked goods including our Yorkshire Parkin with that authentic taste of the past in celebration of special times spent baking with our own mothers. Which is why we make an extra effort to produce an array of hand baked gifts, all with our traditional kraft packaging to help you share our Mother’s day cakes with your own families.

To Mothers everywhere may we wish you a happy Mothering Sunday. We hope you will be thoroughly spoilt by those, like us, who know just how special you are.