Decorating Festive Gingerbread Trees and Snowmen

Posted on January 8, 2013

The kind people at Port Arcades Shopping Centre invited us to create some very festive gingerbread trees and gingerbread snowmen for the children to decorate in the run up to Christmas.

Children are always enthusiastic volunteers when it comes to helping decorate, especially when it involves Christmas and something you can eat.

As you can see from the photos below the outcome was some delicious festive treats and some very happy children.

Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-11 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen1 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-21 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-3 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-4 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-5 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-6 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-7 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-8 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-9 Festive-Gingerbread-Trees-and-Snowmen-10