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Lottie Shaw's New Chocolate Room ... Wouldn't you just love to have one?!

If you're lucky enough to be local to the bakery, you may have already noticed a deliciously rich chocolate aroma drifting from the new dedicated Chocolate Room!

Just in time for Easter, we caught up with Lottie to learn all about the new chocolate treats.

Q. What made you decide to create your own chocolate room?

Lottie: So many love Lottie Shaw’s chocolate-baked treats that we wanted to offer a chocolate confectionary range created by our in-house skilled team featuring our unique and award-winning recipes. Like all big ambitions, Project Chocolate has been a labour of love and has taken us a while to bring to life!

How did you create your new collection?

Lottie: We’ve been working closely with Callebaut, the Belgian bean-to-bar expert chocolatiers, for all our chocolate treats, so we jumped at the invite for Lottie Shaw’s team to do a fabulous Wonka-type visit to the Callebaut Chocolate School. What a creative and informative day - tinkering and developing bespoke recipe ideas with the masters of Belgian chocolate. It was a difficult job testing all the seriously good chocolate, but we just about managed it!

Tell us about the new Lottie Shaw's chocolate range!

Lottie: Our chocolates are all about giving a special gift of really decadent, luxuriously smooth, rich chocolate, celebrating our unique Lottie Shaw's signature flavours.

I love our completely unique and very special Yorkshire Parkin Milk Chocolate Buttons. The velvety milk chocolate perfectly balances the texture of our Yorkshire Parkin ginger biscuit crunch. Ginger & Chocolate is a match made in heaven, and you simply can’t buy these chocolate buttons anywhere else in the world.

Next there are the proper posh Belgian Blonde Chocolate Buttons, which is becoming very popular, created from a fine selection of ingredients like caramelised sugar and caramelised milk, with rich notes of toffee, butter, cream and an exciting dash of salt… just so addictively creamy!

Last but not least, our decadently indulgent Dark Belgian Chocolate Orange buttons with natural orange essential oil is a classic that makes a perfect vegan gift.

Describe for us what goes on inside the Lottie Shaw’s Chocolate Room!

We have a team of chocolatiers creating a variety of treats...

The chocolate enrober machine creates an incredible curtain of chocolate to encase our award-winning Yorkshire Parkin biscuits completely in a layer of decadent dark Belgian chocolate, creating our fabulous Proper Posh Parkin biscuits.

Our tempering machine creates the perfect chocolate to pour into our little heart chocolate moulds, which we fill with our famously rich soft caramel (to the delight of all our millionaire shortbread fans!) to create our luxury handcrafted Chocolate Caramel Hearts.

Finally, our giant chocolate buttons are all individually hand piped unique in size and shape, creating the ultimate gift box of buttons.

The new chocolate fits perfectly within our heritage family values; we source, create, wrap, and pack from our own Chocolate Room in the family Bakery in the heart of Yorkshire. Using the finest ingredients, our chocolate is crafted by hand from the finest cocoa beans, superior in quality. I’m proud to say each and every button sold generates a donation to re-invest in sustainable cocoa farming through the Cocoa Horizons Foundation.

More chocolate treats to come... Watch this space!

To buy our Proper Posh Yorkshire Parkin biscuits, click here

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To buy our Luxury Chocolate Caramel Hearts, click here.

To head to our full chocolate range click here.

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