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It’s Pumpkin Season

Our Pumpkin Gingerbread Decorating Kit has everything you need in the box to decorate deliciously spooky gingerbread pumpkin biscuits....

What’s in the box?

Featuring six of our seriously good gingerbread biscuits, baked to our traditional family heritage recipe. Our best-selling gingerbread biscuits have just enough warm ginger spice to be a hit with all the family and are large enough to be a generous space to decorate! The two orange and black icing pens feature small nozzles, perfect for delicate details and a consistent flow, easy to squeeze for small hands! The kit is complete with brightly coloured mini smarties to add a splash colour and add the perfect flavour combination of ginger & chocolate!

Tip & Tricks…

If you warm the icing pens by gently squeezing them in your hand (with the lid firmly on) or submerge in a bowl of warm water, the icing will then flow out better. To ice straight lines, lift the pens a little higher from the biscuit so it lays smoothly in one go rather than close to the biscuit in stops and starts. If you attach the smarties at the end by using a little dot of icing you can then move then biscuit to the side to allow the smarties to stick as the icing sets. 

To buy our seriously spooky Pumpkin Decorating Kit CLICK HERE.

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