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Fun to make and a treat to eat ...

Want a bonfire night in the garden to remember? 

Or learn how to make the perfect S’mores?

We’ve gone through the gooey melting marshmallow trials to save you the sticky mishaps, read on for our top tips to how enjoy this treat on Bonfire Night in the back garden with your family.

Here’s our recipe for decadent Yorkshire Ginger Parkin biscuit s’mores, packed with fluffy artisan marshmallow & dark Belgian chocolate, gently toasted on the fire pit, BBQ or bonfire...

Yorkshire Parkin with Ginger Chocolate Shard S’mores

To make 5 S’mores;


1 Box of 10 Lottie Shaw’s Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits

10 Marshmallows

1 favourite chocolate bar not too chunky thin is ideal - break up into 10 chunks  (or you may wish use milk chocolate for children)

You’ll need wooden disposable skewers ...And maybe napkins / wet wipes, things can get a little gooey and sticky!

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As a guide the Yorkshire Parkin Biscuit S’mores are a 'generous' size  for one per person, we’d be surprised if you managed two!

If your kids love the excuse to get close to the fire pit to toast and watch their marshmallows go squidgy this is the way we make your S’mores…

Take a marshmallow on a skewer, gently warm over the fire pit avoiding getting too close to any flames. The trick is to take your time for optimum soft marshmallow centre but still firm outside and not burning it, if you choose giant sized marshmallows - beware these need a lot more time of gentle cooking to warm up through the centre!

Next place the thin piece of chocolate on the Yorkshire Parkin biscuit and then place the toasted marshmallow between this and another top biscuit dragging off the skewer to create a sandwich.

Gently press together to heat the chocolate against the marshmallow ... wait a few moments to let the chocolate warm. ***Take care with children eating the S'mores, the marshmallows can get very hot!

Alternatively, to make on BBQ’s grab tin foil and rip into squares large enough to wrap each biscuit securely and tightly. Create a sandwich of Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits with a chunk of chocolate and marshmallow and wrap tightly into the tin foil. Place onto the BBQ and warm through for 2-3 minutes depending on how hot your BBQ is. You're aiming for the marshmallow just melting. Remove and leave to cool slightly – check before handing to children you may want to wrap in an extra kitchen towel layer as the parcel is hot and the marshmallow get very hot, peel the tin foil away.

Adults enjoy with a good cup of Yorkshire tea or hot chocolate for the kids!

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