Christmas Is Coming!

Posted on November 11, 2015


Christmas is coming and at Lottie Shaw’s we are here to help you stock up for everyone’s favourite family time of the year…Yes even Scrooge changed his tune !

But did you know that Christmas cake and mince pies were once banned by Oliver Cromwell as a sign of excess?  Not to be defeated those, like us, for whom Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a slice of cake and at least half a dozen mince pies,  got round the ban by hiding the cake , made from the remains of the Christmas pudding mix, under a layer of marzipan. In Yorkshire there are many of us who prefer it covered with a thick slice of crumbly Wensleydale cheese alongside a real cup of Yorkshire tea.

But what about those mince pies? Originally made using meat and oval in shape to represent the nativity crib, it was the Victorians who introduced the fruit mix and  decoration of stars and other pastry shapes to festoon the festive treat .. at just about the same time as Lottie Shaw’s family began their bakery.  Indeed it is Lottie’s family recipes that are still used today to provide our customers with the traditional authentic taste of Christmas. Just perfect for sharing.

Our Rich Luxury Fruit Cake is brimming with plump ale soaked fruit and our box of mince pies provides a wonderful traditional gift for a family member or friend. And why not serve our award winning Seriously Good Yorkshire Parkin warmed with our rich Caramel Sauce for a Boxing Day pudding? By the way Boxing Day is so called because of the tradition of giving presents or boxes to servants and staff the day after Christmas and it was on this day that the boxes of alms collected by the church during the festive period were distributed. And did you know the tradition goes that if you eat a mince pie every day during the twelve days of Christmas the festive feeling will last the whole year ? And if a bachelor finds the sixpence in the Christmas pudding he will not be wed that year?

At Lottie Shaw’s we are here to rekindle the real taste of Christmas. From our Luxury Hampers to a single gift for a friend or neighbour, all our treats are made and packaged in the traditional way. Hand crafted in our Yorkshire family bakery and distributed in our famous kraft wrappers they are to be found at our easy online service and in all the best speciality food shops nationwide. From decorating kits for the kids to our new goodie filled traditional tins there is something for everyone.

So Merry Christmas to you and yours. And thank you for making Lottie Shaw’s the award winning brand, famous for a real taste of Yorkshire, all year round.