Picnic like we used to with Lottie Shaw’s authentic sweet treats….

Posted on July 12, 2015

Sunshine,school holidays and Lottie Shaw’s are the perfect combination. And so we are launching a campaign to bring back the authentic picnic…the true taste of summer. Give the barbie a rest and reclaim those happy days of yesteryear with an old fashioned picnic and Lottie Shaw’s traditional treats.
For us picnics conjour up happy childhood memories of homemade lemonade in a flip top pop bottle, tea from vacuum flasks, little fingers of ham sandwiches and granny’s best baking. Add a couple of boiled eggs, some sun ripened tomatoes and a little twist of salt in grease proof paper and there you have it. A retro summer feast that tastes as good as it ever did.
Throw in a tartan rug, a bat and ball, maybe a simple fishing net and jam jar tied around with string, even an old sheet and clothes horse to make a tent and you are all set to reclaim the golden days of innocence.
The truth is, of course, the pace of life has changed. But it needn’t be a chore. Here at Lottie Shaw’s hundreds of people have discovered our authentic sweet treats perfect for that traditional picnic taste. From crumbly butter shortbread biscuits, to handy individual sized flapjacks including cherry and chocolate chip, gingerbread men and gingerbread pigs, all made from recipes handed down by three generations, Lottie Shaw’s are here to take you back to those carefree days when everything tastes just that little bit better eaten on a picnic rug in the sunshine. As well as being healthy fayre, why not pop one in the swimming bag for a trip to the baths. Or take one to granny with a bunch of handpicked summer flowers for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. She will smile, we promise ! And for granddad, our individual treacle tarts offer a real taste of home baking.. just as he remembers it.
Nothing of course tastes as good as a treat eaten outside for a true taste of summer goodness. But if the weather’s not playing, we have even thought of a delicious way to occupy the children and feed them as well. Take a look at our gingerbread bunny decorating kit. With chocolate decorating pens and sweetie buttons they are a wonderful creative way to while away the hours and also make a thoughtful, different gift for any child’s birthday party. Oh and they are delicious too.
It this fast-moving, ipad-browsing, tv-watching world we at Lottie Shaw’s want to help you reclaim the summer of yesteryear, though even we know technology has a part to play. Which is why all our tempting summer treats are available mail order on our website, delivered right to your doorstep.
Here’s to a happy carefree summer… Like it used to be .